No one cried the day the orphanage closed. Not even the orphans. Years of neglect and eventual abandonment had left them hollow shells, immune to such emotions. A group of unloved, unwanted children. With only each other to rely on.

The day the orphanage closed, no one witnessed the huddled group walk slowly away, left to find their own place. No one cared. An old abandoned barn just a mile away gave them shelter, and eventually a home. A world of their own creation, where no one could hurt them anymore. A dark, evil world of torture and screams, though no longer their own. Where they tried to purge their own demons through the suffering of others, as they had suffered.

Children who knew no happiness growing up breed children with sinister views and a penchant toward the devious. For the pure pleasure of it.


Come…dance with the little girls, have tea, play dolls. Enter their domain…play hide and seek with the little boys, explore, laugh…

Just don’t turn your back on them. Or stay for dinner.