The Haunted Barn of Stoughton WI, originated in 2004 as a couple of friends doing a halloween party that got out of control.  Getting bigger each year it was hailed the #1 visitors choice haunted attraction in S.W. Wisconsin in 2010 and 2011 and recently in 2015! (Haunted  

  One thing we know around here is scary, and scary is what you’ll get when you enter this completely rethemed haunted attraction.  The Haunted Barn has remained one of the top haunted attractions in the Madison Wisconsin area since 2004, and we plan to do what it takes to stay there.    What sets us apart from the rest is that we all share a love for scary entertainment.  During the offseason we get together to create scenes, props, and new scares while sharing our ideas, and quite often trying our new scares on one another.  The real fun doesn’t begin though until our opening night, when we get to come together as one big family of monsters, ghouls, zombies and freaks to go all out entertaining and scaring all of you.  Who we’ve found hard to give up customers who always make what we do here very much worth the time and energy we put into it.   So please, mark us on your calendar this upcoming season so we can  make you laugh, scream, wet yourselves and have nightmares once again.     Get ready for an out of this world, scare you to the bone 2016!